City of Industry


United States:
Los Angeles, CA: Paper Pastries
Los Angeles, CA: FOLD Gallery
Walnut Creek, CA: Anthro & Co
Castle Rock, CO: Parcel
New Haven, CT: Vintanthromodern
Des Moines, IA: Ephemera
Chicago, IL: Virtu
Lawrence, KS: Wonder Fair
Boston, MA: The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
New York, NY: New York Public Library
New York, NY: Project No. 8
Brooklyn, NY: Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store
Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Craft Company
Portsmouth, NH: Gus & Ruby Letterpress
Philadelphia, PA: Occasionette
Salt Lake City, UT: The Write Image
Salt Lake City, UT: Mineral & Matter
Williamsburg, VA: The Shoe Attic
Seattle, WA: LUCCA
Bellingham, WA: Bison Bookbinding

Vancouver and Victoria, BC: The Regional Assembly of Text
Winnipeg, MB: Tiny Feast
Montreal, QC: Annex Vintage
Montreal, QC: Ex Voto

London: Present & Correct

Victoria: Happy Valley

My Ticker Tape Parade
Gimme Flair

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